Logs Received by Score


Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores to help entrants sanity check what we received vs their logging program. Please also verify your entry category and club information is correct. If they are not correct, please resubmit your log using the log submittal web page. We use the last information submitted and ignore any prior submissions.

CallCategoryRaw ScoreClub
W8ZXEmergency Operations Center53730Tusco Amateur Radio Club
W8VVLEmergency Operations Center51345Queen City Emergency Net
K8FAYEmergency Operations Center16050Fayette Amateur Radio Association
KW8NFixed Single Op High339562Mad River Radio Club
N8BJQFixed Single Op High159712
K1LTFixed Single Op High123970Mad River Radio Club
K8ROXFixed Single Op High104248Delaware Amateur Radio Association
W3HKKFixed Single Op High83076Mad River Radio Club
KC8QDQFixed Single Op High78432Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KM8QFixed Single Op High67628Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
N8PCNFixed Single Op High59890
N4PNFixed Single Op High58293Georgia Contest Group
KU8EFixed Single Op High48415South East Contest Club
ND8LFixed Single Op High44722North Coast Contesters
KC8QDPFixed Single Op High38016Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
N8SDRFixed Single Op High33573Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
K8JQFixed Single Op High26845
OM2VLFixed Single Op High22410
N8PRFixed Single Op High21546Florida Contest Group
W8MRLFixed Single Op High18183Queen City Emergency Net
KD8ZCHFixed Single Op High13736Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KA8SBIFixed Single Op High13090Preble ARA
K4BAIFixed Single Op High11041South East Contest Club
AA8DCFixed Single Op High10440Preble ARA
WO4OFixed Single Op High10106
W9OAFixed Single Op High9222Metro DX Club
N4GGFixed Single Op High5494South East Contest Club
AC8XUFixed Single Op High4704Mad River Radio Club
NS9IFixed Single Op High2392
AB4GGFixed Single Op High2100Tennessee Contest Group
WA3AANFixed Single Op High2080Frankford Radio Club
KJ9CFixed Single Op High1870Society of Midwest Contesters
WB3AFSFixed Single Op High1560
W8EOTFixed Single Op High1428
DL3DXXFixed Single Op High1408
K2RYDFixed Single Op High1380Great South Bay ARC
DK2OYFixed Single Op High1378
DM5EEFixed Single Op High1104Bavarian Contest Club
VE6TLFixed Single Op High880
KM6IFixed Single Op High792Northern California Contest Club
K0RJWFixed Single Op High748Minnesota Wireless Assn
NC6KFixed Single Op High738Southern California Contest Club
K8LLFixed Single Op High720Wood County ARC
W4NBSFixed Single Op High714Alabama Contest Group
W2UDTFixed Single Op High697Frankford Radio Club
N3AMFixed Single Op High680Potomac Valley Radio Club
W7GKFFixed Single Op High464
K4EZSFixed Single Op High459
W6OULFixed Single Op High435
N1NNFixed Single Op High306
WQ6XFixed Single Op High234
W6VMWFixed Single Op High192Northern California Contest Club
WD8DERFixed Single Op High182Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
KD2BGMFixed Single Op High180
N9BDFixed Single Op High154
KN4BPXFixed Single Op High121
N0DOWFixed Single Op High110
K9TWWFixed Single Op High99
AE1TFixed Single Op High50Yankee Clipper Contest Club
VE2GTFixed Single Op High49NorDX Club
KB8ZGLFixed Single Op High48
KJ4LQXFixed Single Op High30Florida Contest Group
KN6QFixed Single Op High25Tri-County ARC
W2ARPFixed Single Op High25Florida Contest Group
KM4OZHFixed Single Op High25
W8WTSFixed Single Op Low202584Mad River Radio Club
K8NVRFixed Single Op Low134149Medina 2 Meter Group
W8TMFixed Single Op Low102789Mad River Radio Club
KE8GFixed Single Op Low101080Northern Ohio Dx Association
NO8CFixed Single Op Low90272Ottawa Area Radio Club
AJ8BFixed Single Op Low85407Mad River Radio Club
KI8RFixed Single Op Low82620
N8PEFixed Single Op Low75748
K4YJFixed Single Op Low68206
AF8AFixed Single Op Low65427Mad River Radio Club
K8YSEFixed Single Op Low53770Northern Ohio Dx Association
K8AJSFixed Single Op Low53655Wayne Amateur Radio Club
AD8JFixed Single Op Low36210South East Contest Club
AA8TAFixed Single Op Low35770Delaware Amateur Radio Association
N8TFDFixed Single Op Low35700Queen City Emergency Net
WB8WKQFixed Single Op Low35464
WB8YLOFixed Single Op Low33496Maumee Valley Contest Club
K8RGIFixed Single Op Low32130
K7SVFixed Single Op Low31396Potomac Valley Radio Club
N8VVFixed Single Op Low27750Coshocton County Amateur Radio Assocatio
W1WBBFixed Single Op Low27141CTRI Contest Group
K8BTUFixed Single Op Low23392Delaware Amateur Radio Association
KE8EASFixed Single Op Low22780Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
W8METFixed Single Op Low22428West Park Radiops
N8RACFixed Single Op Low18900Ottawa Area Radio Club
K9NWFixed Single Op Low18348Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K8LBTFixed Single Op Low17513Northern Ohio Dx Association
K3DMGFixed Single Op Low17252
N8CWUFixed Single Op Low15444
NC8CFixed Single Op Low15428North Coast Contesters
VA2CZFixed Single Op Low15184Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N4HAIFixed Single Op Low15008
KB3LIXFixed Single Op Low13943Allegheny Valley Radio Association
K3TWFixed Single Op Low12032Florida Contest Group
K8GIBFixed Single Op Low11780
NA3VFixed Single Op Low11407
K8BKMFixed Single Op Low11340
KD5JFixed Single Op Low11340
N8BVFixed Single Op Low11310Ohkyin Amateur Radio Society
K2ZRFixed Single Op Low11078Niagara Frontier Radiosport
N8JKFixed Single Op Low9333Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K9CAVFixed Single Op Low9295
WT8EFixed Single Op Low8844Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
NS8OFixed Single Op Low8460Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
K8FFFixed Single Op Low8456Northern Ohio Dx Association
N8MEFixed Single Op Low8241Madison County Amateur Radio Club
KE8ANSFixed Single Op Low7920
WA1UJUFixed Single Op Low7803
KF8MZFixed Single Op Low7560
WS6KFixed Single Op Low7018Milford Ohio ARC
W8IQFixed Single Op Low6776Maumee Valley Contest Club
TI8/AA8HHFixed Single Op Low6624
WA8OJRFixed Single Op Low6314South East Contest Club
W8IDMFixed Single Op Low6232West Park Radiops
K8DVFixed Single Op Low6110Milford Ohio ARC
K0TCFixed Single Op Low6080Minnesota Wireless Assn
W3PRFixed Single Op Low6048
W8KIWFixed Single Op Low5959Highland Amateur Radio Assocation
K8SYHFixed Single Op Low5950Loudoun ARG
N8FYLFixed Single Op Low5852Lanse Creuse ARC
AB8OUFixed Single Op Low5841
KJ4IWZFixed Single Op Low5538Mad River Radio Club
AE8IFixed Single Op Low5415
NA4KFixed Single Op Low5152Tennessee Contest Group
WA9LEYFixed Single Op Low5120Metro DX Club
N2CQFixed Single Op Low4884Frankford Radio Club
KD8QFMFixed Single Op Low4845Preble ARA
K9GDFFixed Single Op Low4544
AD8YFixed Single Op Low4539
K2QBFixed Single Op Low4290Niagara Frontier Radiosport
K8GTFixed Single Op Low4216Hazel Park ARC
W8OHFixed Single Op Low3738Maumee Valley Contest Club
N8MWKFixed Single Op Low3648Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KN4YFixed Single Op Low3534
W4BBTFixed Single Op Low3400Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8RGEFixed Single Op Low3337
W8KVKFixed Single Op Low3312Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
WA8VECFixed Single Op Low3306
K4ZGBFixed Single Op Low3224Alabama Contest Group
K8MEJFixed Single Op Low3002Delaware Amateur Radio Association
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low2988Society of Midwest Contesters
W0YJTFixed Single Op Low2924
W8RFFixed Single Op Low2881Maumee Valley Contest Club
W8ARDFixed Single Op Low2806CRES Amateur Radio Club
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low2754DFW Contest Group
VE3AYRFixed Single Op Low2726Contest Club Ontario
AA0AWFixed Single Op Low2610Minnesota Wireless Assn
K3CKOFixed Single Op Low2604
KC9UNLFixed Single Op Low2556
N4VVFixed Single Op Low2464Tennessee Contest Group
KE8AALFixed Single Op Low2360
K3SENFixed Single Op Low2128Florida Contest Group
N4JRPFixed Single Op Low2090
KD2HVFFixed Single Op Low2090
KD8MQFixed Single Op Low2014Portage County Amateur Radio Service
N8USKFixed Single Op Low1960Mad River Radio Club
K4GMFixed Single Op Low1950Potomac Valley Radio Club
WA0LJMFixed Single Op Low1924Minnesota Wireless Assn
K8CYFixed Single Op Low1924Ashtabula County Amateur Radio Club
K4LNNFixed Single Op Low1876
N8EAFixed Single Op Low1824Mad River Radio Club
K9CWFixed Single Op Low1824Society of Midwest Contesters
W4LIDFixed Single Op Low1798
AB9CAFixed Single Op Low1672South East Contest Club
W5TMFixed Single Op Low1596
K4ORDFixed Single Op Low1584Potomac Valley Radio Club
VE5SDHFixed Single Op Low1380
K4WWFixed Single Op Low1320Kentucky Contest Group
K2HTFixed Single Op Low1269
W8KNOFixed Single Op Low1269Portage County Amateur Radio Service
K4VBMFixed Single Op Low1269Georgia Contest Group
KC8YKQFixed Single Op Low1254Van Wert Amateur Radio Club
K3TNFixed Single Op Low1239Potomac Valley Radio Club
AC8UJFixed Single Op Low1219Ohkyin Amateur Radio Society
NF8MFixed Single Op Low1176
N2SOFixed Single Op Low1120Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
WA2JQZFixed Single Op Low1056
AA7TVFixed Single Op Low1032
N8ZKTFixed Single Op Low988
W5VSFixed Single Op Low966
W4DUKFixed Single Op Low943
W7TRFixed Single Op Low924Northern California Contest Club
NV9XFixed Single Op Low902Metro DX Club
WB2CWJFixed Single Op Low864Delaware Amateur Radio Association
W5UHQFixed Single Op Low840Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
AF5CCFixed Single Op Low828
KG4IGCFixed Single Op Low817Swamp Fox Contest Group
KD8TIGFixed Single Op Low800Ottawa Area Radio Club
KM4IAJFixed Single Op Low744
KG9JPFixed Single Op Low722Fox Cities ARC
N8PVLFixed Single Op Low720
NW0MFixed Single Op Low704
KF3GFixed Single Op Low704
KF5ZPLFixed Single Op Low684
W4VGFixed Single Op Low666
K4BSKFixed Single Op Low640
K7ZYVFixed Single Op Low640
K7ULSFixed Single Op Low608
KC3HEOFixed Single Op Low504
KC2FZNFixed Single Op Low494
NN0UFixed Single Op Low480
N2UUFixed Single Op Low468
AC8NPFixed Single Op Low456Maumee Valley Contest Club
W4ZPRFixed Single Op Low442
KE8GFKFixed Single Op Low437
K4RUMFixed Single Op Low364
KD8UPXFixed Single Op Low357Dayton Amateur Radio Association
N4NTOFixed Single Op Low350
K4WLGFixed Single Op Low340
N4BATFixed Single Op Low320
W7GFFixed Single Op Low320
KK9UFixed Single Op Low273
KB1VUNFixed Single Op Low270
WA9DUFixed Single Op Low240
AI8TAFixed Single Op Low240
W3WTDFixed Single Op Low240
N3CKIFixed Single Op Low240
KD8GXIFixed Single Op Low225
KC2KWAFixed Single Op Low224
W2MWHFixed Single Op Low210
KC1CPFixed Single Op Low210
N4TMMFixed Single Op Low198
W2JATFixed Single Op Low195Rochester (NY) DX Assn
AB1NGFixed Single Op Low192
WA0LIFFixed Single Op Low176
WN7YFixed Single Op Low143
W9EOFixed Single Op Low136
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low128Northern California Contest Club
KJ4KKDFixed Single Op Low120
KM4HVEFixed Single Op Low120
KD2HWEFixed Single Op Low110
KD4QMYFixed Single Op Low108South East Contest Club
K7HKRFixed Single Op Low88
W8NNCFixed Single Op Low84
N5MKYFixed Single Op Low81
N4EEVFixed Single Op Low77South East Contest Club
W4KKYFixed Single Op Low72
W4FEBFixed Single Op Low72
KC2GWBFixed Single Op Low72
KC5DCTFixed Single Op Low66
W5TCBFixed Single Op Low63
WA1SAYFixed Single Op Low56
AB2TCFixed Single Op Low54Niagara Frontier Radiosport
K1AUSFixed Single Op Low48
VA3ECFixed Single Op Low40Contest Club Ontario
K7DBNFixed Single Op Low36
PA3ARMFixed Single Op Low32
EA5IIKFixed Single Op Low30
K6CSLFixed Single Op Low30Northern California Contest Club
N8DRGFixed Single Op Low25Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
WZ6ZZFixed Single Op Low25
KE3ZTFixed Single Op Low24
W6TKFixed Single Op Low18Southern California Contest Club
KK4BZFixed Single Op Low16Canton Amateur Radio Club
N7QMTFixed Single Op Low16
AA6SFFixed Single Op Low9
N0ZTOFixed Single Op Low4
KC9BGFixed Single Op Low4
K6OWSFixed Single Op Low4
KF8RQFixed Single Op Low2Preble ARA
K4GDBFixed Single Op Low1
KK6VZEFixed Single Op Low1
KC5LLFixed Single Op Low1
K7JKMFixed Single Op Low1Willamette Valley DX Club
K9TMFixed Single Op QRP143916Maumee Valley Contest Club
N8OTFixed Single Op QRP24153John D. Kraus Memorial Amateur Radio Clu
WN4AFPFixed Single Op QRP16206Swamp Fox Contest Group
K3IEFixed Single Op QRP4872Alabama Contest Group
AD0RWFixed Single Op QRP4422
KI4MZCFixed Single Op QRP2016
KE0TTFixed Single Op QRP2016
KI4FWFixed Single Op QRP1540Schenectady Museum ARA
W8DXUFixed Single Op QRP1100
VA3PCJFixed Single Op QRP968Contest Club Ontario
WB0IWGFixed Single Op QRP266Minnesota Wireless Assn
W0PWEFixed Single Op QRP140
N0MIIFixed Single Op QRP8
K8TMultip Op465682
K8VMultip Op283877Delaware Amateur Radio Association
KB8OMultip Op238632Mad River Radio Club
N8FLWMultip Op191660
K8PIMultip Op138138Dial Radio Club
NF8OMultip Op137942Medina 2 Meter Group
W8BIMultip Op136160Dayton Amateur Radio Association
W8DGNMultip Op101910Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
K8BFMultip Op69828Portage County Amateur Radio Service
K8MDMultip Op26400
W8HHFMultip Op4464Toledo Mobile Radio Association
W8HHMultip Op4128Marietta Amateur Radio Club
W9RARMultip Op2562
W8AJTMultip Op1012Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
W1QIMultip Op924
W4CDAMultip Op135
KG7DMIMultip Op4
K8OMobile148408North Coast Contesters
K8MRMobile141768Northern Ohio Dx Association
K8CRMobile8878Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K8RYURover106196Marietta Amateur Radio Club
June 24, 2018, 6:08 UTCNumber of logs received: 303

Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores. For instance dupes are not removed and only official mult abbreviations count. If there is a discrepancy between the raw score and your logger, please consider this info. If the raw score is higher it is likely due to dupes. If the raw score is lower check the list of mults..

The raw score is done for two primary reasons: to allow sanity checking logging software score vs unoffical submitted score and to give entrants immediate feedback as to how they did compared to others rather than having to wait for the official log checking.