Logs Received by Score


Please keep in mind these are raw scores to help entrants sanity check what we received vs their logging program. Please also verify your entry category and club information is correct. If they are not correct, please resubmit your log using the log submittal web page. We use the last information submitted and ignore any prior submissions.

CallCategoryRaw ScoreClub
K8CYEmergency Operations Center15344Ashtabula County Amateur Radio Club
K8FAYEmergency Operations Center12000Fayette Amateur Radio Association
KE8EWYEmergency Operations Center4033Mad River Radio Club
K8EMAEmergency Operations Center3285
W8EOCEmergency Operations Center2952Medina 2 Meter Group
W8DESEmergency Operations Center1798Geauga Amateur Radio Association
KW8NFixed Single Op High284416Mad River Radio Club
W8CARFixed Single Op High129425North Coast Contesters
K8MPFixed Single Op High128320Delaware Amateur Radio Association
K1LTFixed Single Op High105242Mad River Radio Club
KE8GFixed Single Op High98816
KM8QFixed Single Op High77328Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
N8BJQFixed Single Op High72718
KC8QDQFixed Single Op High62675Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
K9OMFixed Single Op High62049Florida Contest Group
KE8MFixed Single Op High54032
WT8CFixed Single Op High51189North Coast Contesters
WX8GFixed Single Op High49995
K8NDFixed Single Op High43648Delaware Amateur Radio Association
KU8EFixed Single Op High41055South East Contest Club
KC8QDPFixed Single Op High31360Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
N8SDRFixed Single Op High25677Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
W3HKKFixed Single Op High19032Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
K4MMFixed Single Op High17220Florida Contest Group
K4BAIFixed Single Op High12376South East Contest Club
W8KENFixed Single Op High12194Mad River Radio Club
AD8J/4Fixed Single Op High12036South East Contest Club
W8DPKFixed Single Op High10419Madison County Amateur Radio Club
W2RRFixed Single Op High10200Niagara Frontier Radiosport
WX4GFixed Single Op High9291Florida Contest Group
N8PCNFixed Single Op High8664
K3WJVFixed Single Op High8640Frankford Radio Club
K6DGWFixed Single Op High5360Northern California Contest Club
KJ9CFixed Single Op High5320Society of Midwest Contesters
AK8HFixed Single Op High5304
NS8OFixed Single Op High5100Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
DK2OYFixed Single Op High4635Bavarian Contest Club
W9RARFixed Single Op High4160
DM5EEFixed Single Op High4028Bavarian Contest Club
N8GUFixed Single Op High3564Madison County Amateur Radio Club
K0LUZFixed Single Op High3420Florida Contest Group
KC8RLPFixed Single Op High3286
KG6MCFixed Single Op High2775Swamp Fox Contest Group
K0ZRFixed Single Op High2754
K9SEFixed Single Op High2664Society of Midwest Contesters
W2UDTFixed Single Op High2409Frankford Radio Club
NS9IFixed Single Op High1536
AA0AFixed Single Op High1376
N1NNFixed Single Op High1178
K4WWFixed Single Op High1176Kentucky Contest Group
SM5CILFixed Single Op High1144
AF4RKFixed Single Op High943Florida Contest Group
K0RJWFixed Single Op High864Minnesota Wireless Assn
WC7QFixed Single Op High828Western Washington DX Club
KJ5MAFixed Single Op High667
W4FFFixed Single Op High667Florida Farm
N3KNFixed Single Op High660Potomac Valley Radio Club
NM5ZFixed Single Op High561
W8JRKFixed Single Op High540
KM6IFixed Single Op High520Northern California Contest Club
N0DOWFixed Single Op High308
VE2GTFixed Single Op High224Contest Group du Quebec
W6NSFixed Single Op High220
N9NAFixed Single Op High128Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
NS4XFixed Single Op High104
N5WVRFixed Single Op High49Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
S58MUFixed Single Op High28
K4SBZFixed Single Op High25Florida Contest Group
W8WTSFixed Single Op Low125160North Coast Contesters
K8NVRFixed Single Op Low101422Medina 2 Meter Group
KI8RFixed Single Op Low75164
W8TMFixed Single Op Low71248Mad River Radio Club
AJ8BFixed Single Op Low62178Mad River Radio Club
K8ROXFixed Single Op Low61608
K4YJFixed Single Op Low60060South East Contest Club
K8BTUFixed Single Op Low56056Delaware Amateur Radio Association
WU8RFixed Single Op Low39710Mad River Radio Club
WA3HAEFixed Single Op Low35400
K8AJSFixed Single Op Low30295Mad River Radio Club
K0RIFixed Single Op Low28980
NO8CFixed Single Op Low27552Ottawa Area Radio Club
WB8JUIFixed Single Op Low24882Maumee Valley Contest Club
W8JPFFixed Single Op Low22680Delaware Amateur Radio Association
W8IQFixed Single Op Low18320Maumee Valley Contest Club
N8JKFixed Single Op Low17940Southwest Ohio Dx Association
N8BHLFixed Single Op Low16653Delaware Amateur Radio Association
K2ZRFixed Single Op Low16416Niagara Frontier Radiosport
K8MADFixed Single Op Low15989Mad River Radio Club
K9NWFixed Single Op Low15975Southwest Ohio Dx Association
W3CQBFixed Single Op Low15912
WA8KIWFixed Single Op Low15089Highland Amateur Radio Assocation
N8CWUFixed Single Op Low15022Madison County Amateur Radio Club
WB8YLOFixed Single Op Low14274Maumee Valley Contest Club
K8CCFixed Single Op Low13200Mad River Radio Club
KE8ANSFixed Single Op Low12225
N8VVFixed Single Op Low11424Coshocton County Amateur Radio Assocatio
WA5SOGFixed Single Op Low11200Fort Smith ARC
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low10692DFW Contest Group
W8RGEFixed Single Op Low10650
KV8PFixed Single Op Low9438Maumee Valley Contest Club
KD8AJKFixed Single Op Low9248
NA3VFixed Single Op Low9177
N8RACFixed Single Op Low8791Ottawa Area Radio Club
K9CAVFixed Single Op Low8382
WO9BFixed Single Op Low8211West Allis RAC
WA8YVFFixed Single Op Low7820
KD8MQFixed Single Op Low7686Portage County Amateur Radio Service
N2OPWFixed Single Op Low6656Delaware Amateur Radio Association
N9NMFixed Single Op Low6396Central Texas DX and Contest Club
TI8/AA8HHFixed Single Op Low5986
AC8RVFixed Single Op Low5900
K8MLTFixed Single Op Low5800
AA8GPFixed Single Op Low5723Milford Ohio ARC
W5UHQFixed Single Op Low5610Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
N8MPFFixed Single Op Low5546
KD8ORNFixed Single Op Low5510
W8KVKFixed Single Op Low5400Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KM4FOFixed Single Op Low5396Kentucky Contest Group
K8BKMFixed Single Op Low5300Mad River Radio Club
WA8OJRFixed Single Op Low5226
KN4YFixed Single Op Low5070Florida Contest Group
K0TCFixed Single Op Low5032Minnesota Wireless Assn
W8WZZFixed Single Op Low5005
N8EAFixed Single Op Low4992Mad River Radio Club
K0MPHFixed Single Op Low4826Minnesota Wireless Assn
KC8IMBFixed Single Op Low4752Highland Amateur Radio Assocation
K4ORDFixed Single Op Low4690Potomac Valley Radio Club
WN8PFixed Single Op Low4464
W8FNFixed Single Op Low4312DFW Contest Group
WA9LEYFixed Single Op Low4026Metro DX Club
N8BVFixed Single Op Low4000Ohkyin Amateur Radio Society
N2CQFixed Single Op Low4000Gloucester County ARC
K8GTFixed Single Op Low3910Southeastern Michigan DX Assn
K4BSKFixed Single Op Low3762
W8IDMFixed Single Op Low3720West Park Radiops
W8RFFixed Single Op Low3542Maumee Valley Contest Club
NR8UFixed Single Op Low3312Central Ohio Contest Association
AB9CAFixed Single Op Low2970South East Contest Club
K2MVFixed Single Op Low2720
K2QBFixed Single Op Low2668Niagara Frontier Radiosport
N3CKIFixed Single Op Low2550
N8UVMFixed Single Op Low2542Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KC8YKQFixed Single Op Low2537Van Wert Amateur Radio Club
W3PRFixed Single Op Low2479
K4WDRFixed Single Op Low2470
AA8DCFixed Single Op Low2415Preble ARA
N8BUSFixed Single Op Low2346
AC8EFixed Single Op Low2124Medina 2 Meter Group
N4DWFixed Single Op Low2028Tennessee Contest Group
NF8MFixed Single Op Low1984
W8ENOFixed Single Op Low1888
W1ENDFixed Single Op Low1850Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N8ETFixed Single Op Low1848Mad River Radio Club
AE8IFixed Single Op Low1785
KG9JPFixed Single Op Low1715Fox Cities ARC
AB8OUFixed Single Op Low1702
K2CYEFixed Single Op Low1584Frankford Radio Club
K3URTFixed Single Op Low1550Frankford Radio Club
W8TAHFixed Single Op Low1504West Park Radiops
KR5NFixed Single Op Low1485Marietta Amateur Radio Club
W4YPWFixed Single Op Low1457
N5PHT/0Fixed Single Op Low1440
W2GRFixed Single Op Low1378Niagara Frontier Radiosport
W8CAGFixed Single Op Low1344
W8KNOFixed Single Op Low1316Portage County Amateur Radio Service
KC8URFixed Single Op Low1302
WG8YFixed Single Op Low1296
K9PGFixed Single Op Low1274Society of Midwest Contesters
KA8OADFixed Single Op Low1248
KD5ILAFixed Single Op Low1176
KM2LFixed Single Op Low1122Niagara Frontier Radiosport
K8ARYFixed Single Op Low1032Carolina DX Association
W4DUKFixed Single Op Low1026
W4JUUFixed Single Op Low814
VA3ECFixed Single Op Low792Contest Club Ontario
K5HPFixed Single Op Low768Central Texas DX and Contest Club
N8REQFixed Single Op Low675
K4AMAFixed Single Op Low609Swamp Fox Contest Group
KA8SBIFixed Single Op Low575Preble ARA
W8OVFixed Single Op Low570
KD0CVZFixed Single Op Low567
K8IKOFixed Single Op Low561
K7ZYVFixed Single Op Low544
N2SOFixed Single Op Low540
KD8TIGFixed Single Op Low528Ottawa Area Radio Club
K2PSFixed Single Op Low525Florida Contest Group
K4VBMFixed Single Op Low504Georgia Contest Group
N8PPFFixed Single Op Low500
K2KWFixed Single Op Low495Potomac Valley Radio Club
N0ACFixed Single Op Low480
KA4AQMFixed Single Op Low475
N4LZFixed Single Op Low450Florida Contest Group
K2HTFixed Single Op Low442
NA4KFixed Single Op Low442Tennessee Contest Group
K8SRBFixed Single Op Low414
VE7JHFixed Single Op Low384
WA0TTSFixed Single Op Low304
ND3RFixed Single Op Low280
NM5WBFixed Single Op Low270
N0KTKFixed Single Op Low196
KC8TCQFixed Single Op Low182Maumee Valley Contest Club
KB8KLKFixed Single Op Low180
W7GFFixed Single Op Low160
KE3ZTFixed Single Op Low156
WD8PHLFixed Single Op Low156
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low144Northern California Contest Club
W9TCFixed Single Op Low144Society of Midwest Contesters
N8DRGFixed Single Op Low130Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
NX4NFixed Single Op Low126Florida Contest Group
N9BTFixed Single Op Low121
KD0HTSFixed Single Op Low100
KM4HVEFixed Single Op Low90
W4WNTFixed Single Op Low77Carolina DX Association
N5MKYFixed Single Op Low72
WA3AANFixed Single Op Low72Frankford Radio Club
YU1RAFixed Single Op Low50
W2VMFixed Single Op Low50Niagara Frontier Radiosport
K4WLGFixed Single Op Low49
K1AUSFixed Single Op Low49
KE8BWAFixed Single Op Low48Portage County Amateur Radio Service
KB7NFixed Single Op Low40
WZ6ZZFixed Single Op Low36
KC5DCTFixed Single Op Low36
W6NFFixed Single Op Low32
KQ6PFixed Single Op Low25
KC3ASHFixed Single Op Low25
W8PNFixed Single Op Low18West Park Radiops
KE8EASFixed Single Op Low15Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
AC8VMFixed Single Op Low15Delaware Amateur Radio Association
AB4TTFixed Single Op Low9
KT4LSFixed Single Op Low9
K8YRFixed Single Op Low9Preble ARA
NU4MFixed Single Op Low2
KA3PMWFixed Single Op Low1
KE6FNQFixed Single Op Low1
AB7WPFixed Single Op Low1
WM5FFixed Single Op Low1
KB7PVUFixed Single Op Low1
TA4AKSFixed Single Op Low0
N8OTFixed Single Op QRP23970John D. Kraus Memorial Amateur Radio Clu
K9TMFixed Single Op QRP20916Mad River Radio Club
WN4AFPFixed Single Op QRP20328South East Contest Club
K3TWFixed Single Op QRP13000Florida Contest Group
WE5EEFixed Single Op QRP10380
K4YNDFixed Single Op QRP8370
W8JHFixed Single Op QRP7920Medina 2 Meter Group
WT8EFixed Single Op QRP7006Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KE0TTFixed Single Op QRP4958
N8YNFixed Single Op QRP4930
N8MWKFixed Single Op QRP4182Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KC4ZAFixed Single Op QRP2592
K8ZTFixed Single Op QRP1188Mad River Radio Club
NE9KMFixed Single Op QRP744
W9PRSFixed Single Op QRP736
K8CNFixed Single Op QRP600Yankee Clipper Contest Club
W5/MM0LIDFixed Single Op QRP396Texas DX Society
KI4FWFixed Single Op QRP392
KI4MZCFixed Single Op QRP216
VA3PCJFixed Single Op QRP160
WB0IWGFixed Single Op QRP80
W4VGFixed Single Op QRP18
AC2RJFixed Single Op QRP18
WD8OUXFixed Single Op QRP8
K8TMultip Op356700
NF8OMultip Op131472Medina 2 Meter Group
W8KTQMultip Op120688Delaware Amateur Radio Association
NI8ZMultip Op111600
K8PIMultip Op67840Dial Radio Club
W8OHMultip Op67377Maumee Valley Contest Club
K8BFMultip Op63240Portage County Amateur Radio Service
W8DGNMultip Op37422Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
K8CRMultip Op18300Southwest Ohio Dx Association
N4HAIMultip Op13527Delaware Amateur Radio Association
W8WRKMultip Op13275Butler County ARA
K0AMCMultip Op10143Ancient Modulators Club
AC7TMultip Op6109
W8AJTMultip Op4700Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
N8YWXMultip Op3640
WN7YMultip Op228
KE8RVMultip Op168Madison County Amateur Radio Club
K8MRMobile146256North Coast Contesters
K8NZMobile44982North Coast Contesters
N2CURover53416North Coast Contesters
May 29, 2017, 4:58 pmNumber of logs received: 283

Please keep in mind these are raw scores. For instance dupes are not removed and only official mult abbreviations count. If there is a discrepancy between the raw score and your logger, please consider this info. If the raw score is higher it is likely due to dupes. If the raw score is lower check the list of mults... some loggers miss MDC and have it as MD.

The raw score is done for two primary reasons: to allow sanity checking log score vs raw score and to give entrants immediate feedback as to how they did compared to others rather than having to wait for the official log checking.