Ohio Records

Category Year Call Score
Single-Op QRP 2017 K9TM 136,526
Single-Op Low 2020 W8WTS 287,808
Single-Op Hi 2020 KW8N 415,140
Multi-Op 2018 K8T (WA3C, W3NO, AD8J) 629,946
Rover 2005 K8MR 208,384
Mobile 2020 K8MR+K3LA 279,594
Most Counties 2012
Club 2011 Southwest Oh DX Assoc 1,279,208

North America Records

Category Year Call Score
Single-Op QRP 2004 WA4PGM 51,183
Single-Op Low 2006 KU8E 69,500
Single-Op High 2006 N4PN 83,202
Multi-Op 2005 N9JF 58,917
Club 2020 Florida Contest Club 254,159

DX Records

Category Year Call Score
Single-Op QRP 2011 IV3AOL 128
Single-Op Low 2001 LY3BA 3,393
Single-Op High 2010 DL2HBX 30,875

Ohio County Records

The following is a list of the high scores from the results by each Ohio County and then by entry category dating back to 2002.

QTH Category Score Call Year
ADAMSingle Op Low Power19068N8YWX2012
ADAMMulti Op10725N8YWX2010
ALLESingle Op High Power265392N8VW2005
ALLESingle Op Low Power31878KJ8F2009
ALLEMulti Op64130AD8P2003
ASHLSingle Op High Power1131N8CIJ2010
ASHLSingle Op Low Power4W1WMJ2013
ASHLMulti Op13068N8IHI2006
ASHTSingle Op High Power30408K8YG2004
ASHTSingle Op Low Power17556K8CY2014
ASHTMulti Op41800K8CY2012
ASHTSingle Op QRP3528WG8Y2011
ATHESingle Op High Power103376KC8QDQ2023
ATHESingle Op Low Power19040KE8EAS2017
ATHESingle Op QRP5900WT8E2016
AUGLSingle Op High Power98982K8ZOG2013
AUGLMulti Op124043K8FH2008
BELMSingle Op Low Power35404K8JRG2011
BROWSingle Op Low Power6528N8ST2003
BROWMulti Op127166W8B2005
BROWSingle Op QRP31408N1L2011
BUTLSingle Op High Power289114K8O2010
BUTLSingle Op Low Power244530K8O2009
BUTLMulti Op156570K8PI2019
BUTLSingle Op QRP44833N8OT2020
CARRSingle Op Low Power67716AA8IA2022
CARRMulti Op154850NF8O2019
CHAMSingle Op High Power239513N8BJQ2018
CHAMSingle Op Low Power142952K9NW2002
CHAMMulti Op45472N8IE2008
CHAMSingle Op QRP625K8GJP2010
CLARSingle Op High Power34200AL7BA2011
CLARSingle Op Low Power20832K8GIB2018
CLERSingle Op High Power107338K8DV2018
CLERSingle Op Low Power198144N8PE2023
CLERMulti Op475790K8DV2012
CLERSingle Op QRP702AC8PO2014
CLINSingle Op High Power12844K8IO2012
CLINSingle Op Low Power101871KF8HR2005
CLINMulti Op36700K1CCN2023
CLINSingle Op QRP6136N8Q2015
COLUSingle Op High Power7396N8KQ2018
COLUSingle Op Low Power6039N8KQ2011
COLUMulti Op39032K8BLP2012
COSHSingle Op High Power6806N8VV2004
COSHSingle Op Low Power78993N8VV2014
COSHMulti Op53737N8VV2015
CRAWSingle Op High Power97963K8ROX2017
CRAWSingle Op Low Power60248K8ROX2016
CUYASingle Op High Power130249N8AA2005
CUYASingle Op Low Power170510W8MET2023
CUYAMulti Op156096NI8Z2015
CUYASingle Op QRP5120N8CX2006
DARKSingle Op High Power163212W8EX2003
DARKSingle Op Low Power137082K8D2010
DEFISingle Op High Power11088W8LO2010
DEFISingle Op Low Power5141W8LO2011
DEFISingle Op QRP44363W8NI2023
DELASingle Op High Power233506K8MP2015
DELASingle Op Low Power125757W8KTQ2012
DELAMulti Op111136W8KTQ2016
DELASingle Op QRP2650W8RIK2015
ERIESingle Op High Power347424W8CAR2020
ERIESingle Op Low Power125550W8CAR2002
ERIESingle Op QRP17690AC8AP2020
FAIRSingle Op High Power217150K1LT2012
FAIRSingle Op Low Power161955K1LT2014
FAIRMulti Op207009WW8OH2013
FAIRSingle Op QRP25026WA8PGE2011
FAYESingle Op Low Power25443K8FAY2012
FRANSingle Op High Power76112NT8Z2012
FRANSingle Op Low Power107256KV8Q2014
FRANMulti Op35070W8W2013
FRANSingle Op QRP19824N8VW2008
FULTSingle Op High Power97844KV8P2023
FULTSingle Op Low Power114234N8KR2018
FULTSingle Op QRP4611KA9RSL2011
GALLSingle Op High Power16892W8GG2011
GALLSingle Op Low Power7038K8RYU2003
GEAUSingle Op High Power187956W8WTS2019
GEAUSingle Op Low Power287808W8WTS2020
GREESingle Op High Power3978W9RAR2016
GREESingle Op Low Power148941N8O2011
GREEMulti Op98125W8DGN2017
GREESingle Op QRP580KB8OCP2012
GUERSingle Op High Power1887KE8DAX2023
GUERSingle Op Low Power11011AB1A2023
GUERMulti Op54412W8W2010
GUERSingle Op QRP2501N8MWK2013
HAMISingle Op High Power61855NR8Z2011
HAMISingle Op Low Power163500N8TFD2020
HAMIMulti Op124346W8VND2009
HAMISingle Op QRP46529AE8M2013
HANCSingle Op High Power32676W8KJR2022
HANCSingle Op Low Power54639N8ET2022
HANCMulti Op274824W8FT2005
HARDSingle Op Low Power2183KC8FEL2020
HARRSingle Op Low Power12480K8WFN2010
HARRMulti Op10560W8ZX2015
HARRSingle Op QRP1485AB1A2020
HENRSingle Op Low Power28160N8JK2015
HENRMulti Op7224K8TII2002
HENRSingle Op QRP38308N8Q2010
HIGHSingle Op High Power49646K8IYO2021
HIGHSingle Op Low Power39298WA8KIW2012
HIGHMulti Op162792W8OH2018
HOCKSingle Op Low Power14210KB8VOM2022
HOLMSingle Op High Power2660KD8CJ2012
HOLMSingle Op Low Power7138K8GU2013
HOLMMulti Op133760NF8O2018
HOLMSingle Op QRP45264K8GU2002
HUROSingle Op High Power81282KE8M2020
HUROSingle Op Low Power27840KE8M2010
HUROMulti Op187775N8FLW2017
HUROSingle Op QRP36686KE8M2015
JACKSingle Op High Power54480WU8R2013
JACKSingle Op Low Power114480WU8R2015
JEFFSingle Op Low Power117810AA8IA2014
JEFFMulti Op629946K8T2018
KNOXSingle Op Low Power46782W8PEN2018
KNOXMulti Op31581K8EEN2023
LAKESingle Op High Power116920W8GN2003
LAKESingle Op Low Power238908K8BL2020
LAKEMulti Op1210K8NFF2004
LAKESingle Op QRP3772K8WFL2010
LAWRSingle Op Low Power14527K8RYU2003
LICKSingle Op High Power149056W3HKK2020
LICKSingle Op Low Power39728N8CJ2023
LICKMulti Op202554WW8OH2011
LICKSingle Op QRP1900NR8U2011
LOGASingle Op Low Power8557K8GIB2022
LOGAMulti Op99414K8L2021
LORASingle Op High Power415140KW8N2020
LORASingle Op Low Power141856K8FH2009
LORAMulti Op359755NW8S2021
LORASingle Op QRP31328W8RTJ2011
LUCASingle Op High Power228336K9TM2009
LUCASingle Op Low Power196350K9TM2018
LUCAMulti Op429475K8O2003
LUCASingle Op QRP136526K9TM2017
MADISingle Op High Power22881W8WLK2020
MADISingle Op Low Power62316KE8RV2018
MADIMulti Op55180KE8RV2023
MADISingle Op QRP34928N8GU2020
MAHOSingle Op High Power6200KB8VAO2012
MAHOSingle Op Low Power75828ND8L2002
MAHOMulti Op32522W8LKY2010
MARISingle Op High Power22440NR8I2007
MARISingle Op Low Power20554N8OB2012
MEDISingle Op High Power23616AC8E2015
MEDISingle Op Low Power228384K8MAD2015
MEDIMulti Op7930KE8JIE2020
MEDISingle Op QRP3780KC8QAE2007
MEIGSingle Op High Power71788NS8O2020
MEIGSingle Op Low Power60280NS8O2012
MERCSingle Op Low Power36288W8DN2020
MERCMulti Op219144N9FN2009
MERCSingle Op QRP2132W8DN2011
MIAMSingle Op High Power29715KF8MZ2022
MIAMSingle Op Low Power7560KF8MZ2017
MIAMMulti Op51381W8PR2013
MIAMSingle Op QRP2816NM8B2013
MONTSingle Op High Power69814W8BI2020
MONTSingle Op Low Power99979W8ASA2020
MONTMulti Op262072W8BI2015
MONTSingle Op QRP60579N8IE2005
MORGSingle Op Low Power12127KD8KZG2015
MORGSingle Op QRP4182N8MWK2016
MORRSingle Op Low Power47040N8KU2011
MUSKSingle Op High Power37944N8HR2003
MUSKSingle Op Low Power21762KI4BXU2009
MUSKMulti Op355240N8HR2006
NOBLSingle Op Low Power7315AB1A2021
NOBLSingle Op QRP2944N8MWK2012
OTTASingle Op High Power96105W8JH2020
OTTASingle Op Low Power58936W8JH2011
OTTAMulti Op24598K8MD2017
OTTASingle Op QRP7810W8JH2016
PAULSingle Op Low Power14600N8RAC2013
PERRSingle Op High Power122134KA8HQL2023
PERRSingle Op Low Power91949KA8HQL2006
PICKSingle Op High Power19844K8MEJ2019
PICKSingle Op Low Power2684N8XCT2009
PICKMulti Op31926W8ZPF2013
PICKSingle Op QRP23142WA8PGE2012
PIKESingle Op High Power106642K4YJ2020
PIKESingle Op Low Power99802K4YJ2022
PIKEMulti Op183833K4YJ2019
PIKESingle Op QRP7293K4YJ2021
PORTSingle Op Low Power93825K8RR2020
PORTMulti Op169614K8BF2023
PREBSingle Op High Power36600KA8SBI2020
PREBSingle Op Low Power98192N8XC2020
PREBMulti Op130666K8YR2015
PREBSingle Op QRP3111KB9UIY2010
PUTNSingle Op High Power172757NO8C2020
PUTNSingle Op Low Power114576NO8C2011
RICHSingle Op High Power672N8KZZ2023
RICHSingle Op Low Power10295N8TWM2014
RICHMulti Op86376WO8HIO2003
ROSSSingle Op Low Power2223KE8AAL2017
ROSSMulti Op2052W8BAP2010
SANDSingle Op Low Power8664KB8KIK2010
SANDSingle Op QRP1960KD8NYO2011
SCIOSingle Op High Power48118WX8G2016
SCIOSingle Op Low Power20513N8YN2015
SCIOSingle Op QRP4480N8YN2016
SENESingle Op High Power4100KC8WH2023
SENESingle Op Low Power98503WB8JUI2008
SENEMulti Op2850W8ID2003
SENESingle Op QRP1664KC8WH2018
SHELSingle Op Low Power38988N6JSX2010
SHELMulti Op68900K8EMA2005
STARSingle Op Low Power115005K3DMG2020
STARMulti Op52900KD8BBK2015
STARSingle Op QRP777KG8RRY2021
SUMMSingle Op High Power7140N8HHG2023
SUMMSingle Op Low Power127200NZ8O2015
SUMMMulti Op1887W8NP2023
SUMMSingle Op QRP21840K8ZT2011
TRUMSingle Op High Power111321K8YM2012
TRUMSingle Op Low Power19888KE8E2021
TRUMMulti Op14235W8VTD2021
TUSCSingle Op Low Power26412WB8JAY2023
TUSCSingle Op QRP10904AA8PJ2005
UNIOSingle Op Low Power54108NX8Y2020
UNIOSingle Op QRP38610K6JSS2012
VANWSingle Op High Power69000N8PCN2018
VANWSingle Op Low Power16502KC8YKQ2005
VANWMulti Op60444W8FY2011
VINTSingle Op High Power760AC8WW2020
VINTSingle Op Low Power5040K8RYU2003
VINTMulti Op269892K8V2017
WARRSingle Op High Power81593AJ8B2022
WARRSingle Op Low Power226152K8O2011
WARRMulti Op194054K8PI2018
WARRSingle Op QRP35292N0H2013
WASHSingle Op High Power41791N8KM2005
WASHSingle Op Low Power17544KB8UGD2002
WASHMulti Op14328W8HH2005
WAYNSingle Op High Power147108K8AJS2005
WAYNSingle Op Low Power133114K8AJS2020
WAYNMulti Op12580N8IW2004
WAYNSingle Op QRP7084N8IW2009
WILLSingle Op Low Power43230W8BD2006
WILLMulti Op74589W8BD2005
WOODSingle Op High Power667K8LL2017
WOODSingle Op Low Power10974K3RC2006
WOODMulti Op10512W8W2018
WOODSingle Op QRP5252K8LL2011
WYANSingle Op Low Power76035KE8PX2023
WYANMulti Op63027KA8O2011


– If a county has never had an entry listed in the results, the county is not in this list.
– If there has never been an entry from a particular category in a given county it also will not be listed.
– Mobile and Rover activations of counties are not tracked.