Logs Received by Score


Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores to help entrants sanity check what we received vs their logging program. Please also verify your entry category and club information is correct. If they are not correct, please resubmit your log using the log submittal web page. We use the last information submitted and ignore any prior submissions.

CallCategoryRaw ScoreClub
K8YREmergency Operations Center119625Preble ARA
W8ZXEmergency Operations Center49610Tusco Amateur Radio Club
K8ESEmergency Operations Center41019Delaware Amateur Radio Association
K8FAYEmergency Operations Center9453Fayette Amateur Radio Association
KW8EMAEmergency Operations Center8832Medina 2 Meter Group
W8ALEmergency Operations Center144Canton Amateur Radio Club
W8WTSFixed Single Op High198759Mad River Radio Club
K8MPFixed Single Op High180873Delaware Amateur Radio Association
KW8NFixed Single Op High180829Mad River Radio Club
N8BJQFixed Single Op High144430Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K1LTFixed Single Op High122000Mad River Radio Club
W3HKKFixed Single Op High92888Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
NS8OFixed Single Op High75195Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KC8QDQFixed Single Op High74910Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
W8BIFixed Single Op High68208Dayton Amateur Radio Association
KU8EFixed Single Op High56232South East Contest Club
N4PNFixed Single Op High55944Georgia Contest Group
W8JHFixed Single Op High51040Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
AC8RJFixed Single Op High39104Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KE8MFixed Single Op High38766
W8ERDFixed Single Op High26312Delaware Amateur Radio Association
W9PAFixed Single Op High25536North Coast Contesters
N8SDRFixed Single Op High25440Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
K8JQFixed Single Op High21560
K8MEJFixed Single Op High20582Delaware Amateur Radio Association
KM8QFixed Single Op High20510Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
W5UHQFixed Single Op High17220Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
OM2VLFixed Single Op High16686
KF8MZFixed Single Op High14616
W9DCFixed Single Op High14516
K4BAIFixed Single Op High13020South East Contest Club
DL3DXXFixed Single Op High10584Bavarian Contest Club
K4AMCFixed Single Op High8900Tennessee Contest Group
W8PIFixed Single Op High8250
N8PCNFixed Single Op High7140
KA6BIMFixed Single Op High7140Northern California Contest Club
W4NZFixed Single Op High7105Tennessee Contest Group
N5RZFixed Single Op High5772Central Texas DX and Contest Club
K4BYNFixed Single Op High5376
AC8GFixed Single Op High4600Southwest Ohio Dx Association
W4SLTFixed Single Op High4418
W1TOFixed Single Op High4070Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KE8GKOFixed Single Op High3760Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association
W8LOFixed Single Op High2852
K9OMFixed Single Op High2720Florida Contest Group
K0TCFixed Single Op High2444Minnesota Wireless Assn
K1BZFixed Single Op High2380Potomac Valley Radio Club
KC8WHFixed Single Op High2360Maumee Valley Contest Club
N3KNFixed Single Op High2280Potomac Valley Radio Club
K1IBFixed Single Op High2268Yankee Clipper Contest Club
VE3KPFixed Single Op High2184Contest Club Ontario
WA6URYFixed Single Op High1846Southern California Contest Club
N1FRFixed Single Op High1728
N1NNFixed Single Op High1728
NS2NFixed Single Op High1680North Coast Contesters
W6OATFixed Single Op High1608Western Washington DX Club
K4RUMFixed Single Op High1584
W2CDOFixed Single Op High1564Potomac Valley Radio Club
NX6TFixed Single Op High1344Southern California Contest Club
K5AXFixed Single Op High1140
W6IAFixed Single Op High1056Northern California Contest Club
K4XUFixed Single Op High1040Willamette Valley DX Club
W3AKDFixed Single Op High1012
N3XFFixed Single Op High990Potomac Valley Radio Club
W5KIFixed Single Op High880
N2YGFixed Single Op High768
K5TIAFixed Single Op High756
N3RDFixed Single Op High748Frankford Radio Club
W6KCFixed Single Op High735Southern California Contest Club
DL4FNFixed Single Op High672Bavarian Contest Club
KT4QFixed Single Op High510Florida Contest Group
KE8GKGFixed Single Op High493Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
K2QBFixed Single Op High420Niagara Frontier Radiosport
KY7MFixed Single Op High322Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
K6DAJFixed Single Op High286Northern California Contest Club
W7WHYFixed Single Op High286
KC3AZTFixed Single Op High228
AB9CAFixed Single Op High128
W2KUFixed Single Op High63
KB7NFixed Single Op High32
K8AEFFixed Single Op High25
KF7ZKAFixed Single Op High25
WB4HRLFixed Single Op High25Swamp Fox Contest Group
AG6AGFixed Single Op High20
VE2GTFixed Single Op High4NorDX Club
ZR2A/4Fixed Single Op High2Bavarian Contest Club
N7NDRFixed Single Op High1
K8NVRFixed Single Op Low132496Medina 2 Meter Group
K8MADFixed Single Op Low115940North Coast Contesters
W8TMFixed Single Op Low86550
NO8CFixed Single Op Low78603Ottawa Area Radio Club
K8BTUFixed Single Op Low74052Delaware Amateur Radio Association
K8AJSFixed Single Op Low63488Wayne Amateur Radio Club
N8AAFixed Single Op Low55296Dial Radio Club
KV8QFixed Single Op Low51152
AF8AFixed Single Op Low48020Mad River Radio Club
K8RGIFixed Single Op Low39884Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society
WB8YLOFixed Single Op Low38280Maumee Valley Contest Club
K7SVFixed Single Op Low36951Potomac Valley Radio Club
WB8WKQFixed Single Op Low32864Mad River Radio Club
K3DMGFixed Single Op Low32656
W8HFFixed Single Op Low26565
W8PENFixed Single Op Low25048
N8VVFixed Single Op Low22200Coshocton County Amateur Radio Assocatio
W1PDIFixed Single Op Low21018
W8TBFixed Single Op Low20097Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association
W8BZYFixed Single Op Low19152
N8BVFixed Single Op Low18865Ohkyin Amateur Radio Society
AA4TIFixed Single Op Low14152Florida Contest Group
AA8TAFixed Single Op Low13462Delaware Amateur Radio Association
N8CJFixed Single Op Low13193Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
W3WHKFixed Single Op Low12288Frankford Radio Club
W8METFixed Single Op Low11868West Park Radiops
WT8EFixed Single Op Low11856Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
K8GIBFixed Single Op Low11781
AB8OUFixed Single Op Low10934Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association
KI8NFixed Single Op Low10224
AA8PFixed Single Op Low10192
KD8AJKFixed Single Op Low8875
WA8YVFFixed Single Op Low8418
KB8GAEFixed Single Op Low7560
K4ORDFixed Single Op Low7380Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8ALMFixed Single Op Low6615Maumee Valley Contest Club
N8YNFixed Single Op Low5940
N8IWFixed Single Op Low5796Wayne Amateur Radio Club
WA5SOGFixed Single Op Low5568Fort Smith ARC
N8MRFixed Single Op Low5310
W8DNFixed Single Op Low5148
W4XKFixed Single Op Low5070Tennessee Contest Group
W8PNFixed Single Op Low4788West Park Radiops
N8VWYFixed Single Op Low4655
W2DXFixed Single Op Low4600
KD5JFixed Single Op Low4576
K8BMCFixed Single Op Low4482
K8LBTFixed Single Op Low4452Northern Ohio Dx Association
N8EAFixed Single Op Low4368Mad River Radio Club
W5TDFixed Single Op Low4212Oklahoma DX Assn
KF8OFixed Single Op Low4200
N8EIFixed Single Op Low4029Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low3978Society of Midwest Contesters
K9GDFFixed Single Op Low3816
KE8IERFixed Single Op Low3555Madison County Amateur Radio Club
WN4AFPFixed Single Op Low3201Swamp Fox Contest Group
KM4FOFixed Single Op Low3150Kentucky Contest Group
N3IWFixed Single Op Low3036
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low2886DFW Contest Group
W8OVFixed Single Op Low2760DFW Contest Group
K4ZGBFixed Single Op Low2624Alabama Contest Group
KD8ORNFixed Single Op Low2623
W3CRZFixed Single Op Low2312
W4EEFixed Single Op Low2295Florida Contest Group
KN4YFixed Single Op Low2200Florida Contest Group
AE8IFixed Single Op Low2050
NS2XFixed Single Op Low1998Tennessee Contest Group
W8RGEFixed Single Op Low1980
KM4IAJFixed Single Op Low1980
KE2DFixed Single Op Low1904Frankford Radio Club
N8WLFixed Single Op Low1850Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
K4DZRFixed Single Op Low1798Tennessee Contest Group
AA3CSFixed Single Op Low1792
N8FTBFixed Single Op Low1728Delaware Amateur Radio Association
K8BKMFixed Single Op Low1664Mad River Radio Club
W0YJTFixed Single Op Low1595
WO9BFixed Single Op Low1584West Allis RAC
K2HTFixed Single Op Low1541
N9NMFixed Single Op Low1540Central Texas DX and Contest Club
KC9ULFixed Single Op Low1500Society of Midwest Contesters
K8GTFixed Single Op Low1408Mad River Radio Club
W1ENDFixed Single Op Low1392Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KD8YNGFixed Single Op Low1350Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
KC8ZMNFixed Single Op Low1350
W4DUKFixed Single Op Low1260
N4JRPFixed Single Op Low1218
W8RUFixed Single Op Low1188Mad River Radio Club
AB1EPFixed Single Op Low1150
VE3AQFixed Single Op Low1144Contest Club Ontario
KG3VFixed Single Op Low1144Potomac Valley Radio Club
K8JTFixed Single Op Low1034
KB8PGWFixed Single Op Low960
N8JLMFixed Single Op Low940Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association
KE8JNLFixed Single Op Low924Maumee Valley Contest Club
K3YPFixed Single Op Low874
W1QKFixed Single Op Low874
N3FELFixed Single Op Low864Penn Wireless Assn
KI1UFixed Single Op Low864Yankee Clipper Contest Club
K9WPVFixed Single Op Low858
K2MVFixed Single Op Low840
K4SHWFixed Single Op Low836
W8TKFixed Single Op Low828Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
W8KNOFixed Single Op Low805Portage County Amateur Radio Service
VE3KIUFixed Single Op Low798
KC8YKQFixed Single Op Low792Van Wert Amateur Radio Club
NR8RFixed Single Op Low750Dial Radio Club
KD8JQEFixed Single Op Low722
AG5VXFixed Single Op Low722
W8NFMFixed Single Op Low713
KD8DZFixed Single Op Low667Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
W3TASFixed Single Op Low646Potomac Valley Radio Club
KA0RENFixed Single Op Low645
AF8CFixed Single Op Low637West Park Radiops
K0PCFixed Single Op Low616Minnesota Wireless Assn
W2IOC/1Fixed Single Op Low594
K0XPFixed Single Op Low540Southern California Contest Club
AA8BVFixed Single Op Low525
K0JPFixed Single Op Low512Minnesota Wireless Assn
K3MRFixed Single Op Low510
KK6KMUFixed Single Op Low434
N7MZWFixed Single Op Low368Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
K3ZGAFixed Single Op Low360
K7QAFixed Single Op Low312
KC8JFixed Single Op Low312
W8ENOFixed Single Op Low273
W4FEBFixed Single Op Low260
N3MMFixed Single Op Low260
KN4CQJFixed Single Op Low247
KR2AAFixed Single Op Low242
KA2WIKFixed Single Op Low242
W1BASFixed Single Op Low238
KE3VNFixed Single Op Low225
NW5QFixed Single Op Low221DFW Contest Group
WJ4HCPFixed Single Op Low210
K7QDXFixed Single Op Low204
W2UDTFixed Single Op Low198Frankford Radio Club
AC8ZTFixed Single Op Low195
VE9RLWFixed Single Op Low180
N6HCNFixed Single Op Low180
KF3GFixed Single Op Low160
N9JFFixed Single Op Low128Society of Midwest Contesters
AE6PLFixed Single Op Low126
KD8UPXFixed Single Op Low121
KD8DNSFixed Single Op Low120
K2MKFixed Single Op Low112
W5QLFFixed Single Op Low112South Texas DX and Contest Club
KG9JPFixed Single Op Low110Fox Cities ARC
WZ6ZZFixed Single Op Low100
K1AUSFixed Single Op Low99
KC1DWPFixed Single Op Low99Tennessee Contest Group
NG3PFixed Single Op Low98
K7ULSFixed Single Op Low98
W7GFWFixed Single Op Low90
K8IITFixed Single Op Low90Medina 2 Meter Group
KD5ILAFixed Single Op Low88Fort Smith ARC
W2GFVFixed Single Op Low72
KE4YOGFixed Single Op Low72Carolina DX Association
N4EHFixed Single Op Low72
WA8VECFixed Single Op Low70
K6BBQFixed Single Op Low64
N5PBPFixed Single Op Low64South Texas DX and Contest Club
W7RTMFixed Single Op Low64
KV8ZFixed Single Op Low63
KD4QMYFixed Single Op Low42South East Contest Club
N1ADXFixed Single Op Low42
K0PRTFixed Single Op Low36
N4HAIFixed Single Op Low36Delaware Amateur Radio Association
KJ0PFixed Single Op Low32Minnesota Wireless Assn
ND0TSFixed Single Op Low30
KE0RNBFixed Single Op Low25Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society
W2RRUFixed Single Op Low25
VA6RCNFixed Single Op Low24Contest Club Ontario
KI7OALFixed Single Op Low24
K1VWFixed Single Op Low20
KE8VUFixed Single Op Low18Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
W7GFFixed Single Op Low18
N5DTTFixed Single Op Low12Texas DX Society
KG7TUOFixed Single Op Low12
AI6MWFixed Single Op Low12
WB4MMFixed Single Op Low9Florida Contest Group
KC8WIWFixed Single Op Low9
KI4YMLFixed Single Op Low9
K1MTDFixed Single Op Low8
K5IXFixed Single Op Low8Central Texas DX and Contest Club
WB7CYOFixed Single Op Low4
K4IDTFixed Single Op Low4
KC7YEFixed Single Op Low2
K3RWFixed Single Op Low2
KT4LSFixed Single Op Low1
HA3FHHFixed Single Op Low1
N3AEAFixed Single Op Low1
WA5SWNFixed Single Op Low1
N5MLDFixed Single Op Low0
K2BIOFixed Single Op Low0
NA0EDFixed Single Op Low0
N8OTFixed Single Op QRP26001
K8ZTFixed Single Op QRP16940North Coast Contesters
K3TWFixed Single Op QRP11440Florida Contest Group
KE0TTFixed Single Op QRP684
AB8DFFixed Single Op QRP646
K8TMultip Op484806
NW8SMultip Op256080Mad River Radio Club
K8DVMultip Op246238Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K4YJMultip Op188460Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K8PIMultip Op170968Dial Radio Club
W8OHMultip Op165186Maumee Valley Contest Club
NF8OMultip Op160440Medina 2 Meter Group
K8BFMultip Op124905Portage County Amateur Radio Service
W8DGNMultip Op79192Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
WC8VOAMultip Op68646
NO8IMultip Op30564Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K8CGEMultip Op29716
W8WRKMultip Op17845Butler County ARA
KE8RVMultip Op17440Madison County Amateur Radio Club
W8AJTMultip Op6549Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
W8HHMultip Op4165Marietta Amateur Radio Club
WA8QMultip Op2970
W8GOMultip Op1530Clinton County Amateur Radio Association
W9RARMultip Op598
VE3SDFMultip Op88
K8OMobile167388North Coast Contesters
K8MRMobile160923North Coast Contesters
K8RYURover128048Marietta Amateur Radio Club
K8RR/RRover54312North Coast Contesters
WD8RIFRover2552Athens County Amateur Radio Assocation
August 13, 2020, 12:10 UTCNumber of logs received: 317

Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores. For instance dupes are not removed and only official mult abbreviations count. If there is a discrepancy between the raw score and your logger, please consider this info. If the raw score is higher it is likely due to dupes. If the raw score is lower check the list of mults..

The raw score is done for two primary reasons: to allow sanity checking logging software score vs unoffical submitted score and to give entrants immediate feedback as to how they did compared to others rather than having to wait for the official log checking.