Logs Received by Score


Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores to help entrants sanity check what we received vs their logging program. Please also verify your entry category and club information is correct. If they are not correct, please resubmit your log using the log submittal web page. We use the last information submitted and ignore any prior submissions.

CallCategoryRaw ScoreClub
K8ESEmergency Operations Center166936Delaware Amateur Radio Association
K8YREmergency Operations Center134240Preble ARA
K8FAYEmergency Operations Center9009Fayette Amateur Radio Association
W8DESEmergency Operations Center1710Geauga Amateur Radio Association
KW8NFixed Single Op High348104Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society
K1LTFixed Single Op High124474Mad River Radio Club
N8BJQFixed Single Op High87714
KC8QDQFixed Single Op High84234Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
W3HKKFixed Single Op High57354Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
ND4YFixed Single Op High51756Kentucky Contest Group
K8IYOFixed Single Op High49749
AD8JFixed Single Op High43981South East Contest Club
K8TWFixed Single Op High43180
KI8RFixed Single Op High42312
W5TMFixed Single Op High31382
KE8OLGFixed Single Op High29029Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
NS8OFixed Single Op High27534
N8BIFixed Single Op High20898Portage County Amateur Radio Service
K9RSFixed Single Op High18696Frankford Radio Club
K5XSFixed Single Op High18300
OM2VLFixed Single Op High16616
KR2QFixed Single Op High15096
WZ8PFixed Single Op High14070Mad River Radio Club
K4JKBFixed Single Op High13356
WB2RPWFixed Single Op High13260Portage County Amateur Radio Service
KV0IFixed Single Op High12480
KR2AAFixed Single Op High12200
KF8MZFixed Single Op High10500
AA1SUFixed Single Op High10458Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
K8JQFixed Single Op High10098
VE3TWFixed Single Op High9300Contest Club Ontario
K4XUFixed Single Op High7360Willamette Valley DX Club
WX4GFixed Single Op High7097Potomac Valley Radio Club
AD4EBFixed Single Op High7040Tennessee Contest Group
AF8CFixed Single Op High6681West Park Radiops
K9YCFixed Single Op High6670Northern California Contest Club
KI6RRNFixed Single Op High6525Southern California Contest Club
AA4TIFixed Single Op High6248Florida Contest Group
N5RZFixed Single Op High6080Central Texas DX and Contest Club
K1ESEFixed Single Op High5282Yankee Clipper Contest Club
K8CGEFixed Single Op High5244
N2SQWFixed Single Op High5088Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
NX3AFixed Single Op High4590Frankford Radio Club
W1QKFixed Single Op High3959
NS2NFixed Single Op High3885North Coast Contesters
K4WWFixed Single Op High3700Kentucky Contest Group
N8FTBFixed Single Op High2958Delaware Amateur Radio Association
W8WLKFixed Single Op High2520Madison County Amateur Radio Club
K1DJFixed Single Op High2340Yankee Clipper Contest Club
W2XYZFixed Single Op High2310Florida Contest Group
N5EPFixed Single Op High2250Fox River Radio League
W8LOFixed Single Op High2184
KC8WHFixed Single Op High2030Seneca Radio Club
K5TIAFixed Single Op High1968Texas DX Society
W1FJFixed Single Op High1968Yankee Clipper Contest Club
W2QLFixed Single Op High1872
K1IBFixed Single Op High1848Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KD5JFixed Single Op High1846
KT4XNFixed Single Op High1320
K4QDFixed Single Op High1292Florida Contest Group
K0ZRFixed Single Op High1288Potomac Valley Radio Club
KC8OKJFixed Single Op High1280Highland Amateur Radio Assocation
K0TCFixed Single Op High1260Minnesota Wireless Assn
KT4QFixed Single Op High1242South East Contest Club
W8FNFixed Single Op High1232South East Contest Club
AC8RJFixed Single Op High1176Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
W4BBTFixed Single Op High1170Potomac Valley Radio Club
WA6URYFixed Single Op High1134Southern California Contest Club
K3EFSFixed Single Op High1066
N2RCFixed Single Op High988Frankford Radio Club
N2SOFixed Single Op High950Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
AC4CAFixed Single Op High840Central Texas DX and Contest Club
W6KCFixed Single Op High828Southern California Contest Club
K0SNFixed Single Op High816
NS4XFixed Single Op High800Tennessee Contest Group
W1TOFixed Single Op High782Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N7EPDFixed Single Op High704
K0PCFixed Single Op High704Minnesota Wireless Assn
WO4OFixed Single Op High697Florida Contest Group
K0RJWFixed Single Op High621Minnesota Wireless Assn
WA5LXSFixed Single Op High608DFW Contest Group
NN6DXFixed Single Op High594
K7GKFixed Single Op High585Northern California Contest Club
KJ9CFixed Single Op High559Society of Midwest Contesters
W8HHFixed Single Op High550Marietta Amateur Radio Club
W6OATFixed Single Op High495Western Washington DX Club
K6MMFixed Single Op High480Northern California Contest Club
KF5MUFixed Single Op High456
NO2CFixed Single Op High400Great South Bay ARC
WA3AANFixed Single Op High364Frankford Radio Club
N1NNFixed Single Op High330
VA1RSTFixed Single Op High330Maritime Contest Club
WB5WAJFixed Single Op High252Tennessee Contest Group
N9JPGFixed Single Op High238
K0ARYFixed Single Op High221
K1GMMFixed Single Op High143
WA5DSSFixed Single Op High80
KC2IEBFixed Single Op High64
WA7CPAFixed Single Op High50Western Washington DX Club
KE6GFIFixed Single Op High49
WA8DRFFixed Single Op High36Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
K7PKAFixed Single Op High32
WB9CIFFixed Single Op High32
OT6MFixed Single Op High18Alabama Contest Group
W6SYFixed Single Op High8
W6OULFixed Single Op High2
W4THIFixed Single Op High2Florida Contest Group
W8WTSFixed Single Op Low196701Mad River Radio Club
K8NVRFixed Single Op Low154080Medina 2 Meter Group
K8BLFixed Single Op Low141840North Coast Contesters
KM6ZFixed Single Op Low136857
W8METFixed Single Op Low113412Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society
WJ8YFixed Single Op Low92842Seneca Radio Club
N8TFDFixed Single Op Low91184Queen City Emergency Net
KA8HQLFixed Single Op Low87750
K8BTUFixed Single Op Low80352
K8RGIFixed Single Op Low74214Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society
N8AAFixed Single Op Low72192Dial Radio Club
W1NNFixed Single Op Low69184North Coast Contesters
AA8IAFixed Single Op Low68911
KV8QFixed Single Op Low56916Great Lakes CWOps Club
WB8REIFixed Single Op Low55085Seneca Radio Club
KE8PXFixed Single Op Low54131Seneca Radio Club
NO8CFixed Single Op Low44928Shelby County Ares
K8FHFixed Single Op Low44084Medina 2 Meter Group
AF8AFixed Single Op Low43428Great Lakes CWOps Club
K8AJSFixed Single Op Low39270Wayne Amateur Radio Club
W8RTJFixed Single Op Low36573
N8PEFixed Single Op Low35880
NX8YFixed Single Op Low31084Union County Amateur Radio Club
N8VVFixed Single Op Low30408Coshocton County Amateur Radio Assocatio
KD8BBKFixed Single Op Low28842
N8VWYFixed Single Op Low26934
AA8TAFixed Single Op Low22914Great Lakes CWOps Club
K8MPFixed Single Op Low20956Delaware Amateur Radio Association
KE8EFixed Single Op Low20700Eastern Ohio Contesters
W8EDUFixed Single Op Low17280
WB8JAYFixed Single Op Low17248
KE8GFixed Single Op Low16936
N8BVFixed Single Op Low14552Ohkyin Amateur Radio Society
WA5SOGFixed Single Op Low14335Fort Smith ARC
K3YPFixed Single Op Low13328
N8NAFixed Single Op Low12150Frankford Radio Club
AC0WFixed Single Op Low12144Minnesota Wireless Assn
W8UAFixed Single Op Low11742Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low10858Society of Midwest Contesters
K8WWSFixed Single Op Low10560Dial Radio Club
AA8PFixed Single Op Low10506
W3WHKFixed Single Op Low10192Frankford Radio Club
KE9SAFixed Single Op Low10065
N8IIFixed Single Op Low9396Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8KNOFixed Single Op Low9300Portage County Amateur Radio Service
K3QPFixed Single Op Low8379Frankford Radio Club
W4TJMFixed Single Op Low8148
AA8OYFixed Single Op Low8007North Coast Contesters
K2ALFixed Single Op Low7820
AB1AFixed Single Op Low7370
W8PIFixed Single Op Low7336
N8AUCFixed Single Op Low7200
W0PIFixed Single Op Low6960Minnesota Wireless Assn
KM4FOFixed Single Op Low6806Kentucky Contest Group
WD8SFixed Single Op Low6664Hazel Park ARC
K9CWFixed Single Op Low6560Society of Midwest Contesters
W1WBBFixed Single Op Low6424CTRI Contest Group
K4ZGBFixed Single Op Low6345Alabama Contest Group
AB8OUFixed Single Op Low6223Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association
KF8OFixed Single Op Low6210
AA8BVFixed Single Op Low6069
AC3LZFixed Single Op Low5733Frankford Radio Club
NE8PFixed Single Op Low5600Florida Contest Group
KX3HFixed Single Op Low5472Society of Midwest Contesters
AI6OFixed Single Op Low5148Kansas City Contest Club
WS8MFixed Single Op Low4944Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
W8MJFixed Single Op Low4824Mad River Radio Club
N8SDRFixed Single Op Low4747Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
K3JTFixed Single Op Low4554Potomac Valley Radio Club
KB8LKHFixed Single Op Low4488Seneca Radio Club
AA0CLFixed Single Op Low4480
KD8YNGFixed Single Op Low4361Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
KE8HZZFixed Single Op Low4080
K4ORDFixed Single Op Low3968Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8OVFixed Single Op Low3828DFW Contest Group
W8EWHFixed Single Op Low3672Mad River Radio Club
NF8MFixed Single Op Low3500Great Lakes CWOps Club
K1VUTFixed Single Op Low3472
K4VBMFixed Single Op Low3404South East Contest Club
VE3AYRFixed Single Op Low3200Contest Club Ontario
N2ZNFixed Single Op Low3168Rochester (NY) DX Assn
W4SSFFixed Single Op Low3090Tennessee Contest Group
W5UHQFixed Single Op Low2880Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low2772DFW Contest Group
KA0PQWFixed Single Op Low2759Minnesota Wireless Assn
KE8IERFixed Single Op Low2714Madison County Amateur Radio Club
AD1CFixed Single Op Low2697Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
K4AMCFixed Single Op Low2668Tennessee Contest Group
K1NYFixed Single Op Low2646Yankee Clipper Contest Club
K8LBTFixed Single Op Low2624Northern Ohio Dx Association
N3KNFixed Single Op Low2555Potomac Valley Radio Club
N3IWFixed Single Op Low2538
W3CRZFixed Single Op Low2440
AC8NPFixed Single Op Low2320Seneca Radio Club
NA8YFixed Single Op Low2280
VE3TMFixed Single Op Low2244Contest Club Ontario
NK4OFixed Single Op Low2241Florida Contest Group
W1ENDFixed Single Op Low2184Yankee Clipper Contest Club
W8IJCFixed Single Op Low2088Ashtabula County Amateur Radio Club
K5YXFixed Single Op Low2010
NF8OFixed Single Op Low1998Medina 2 Meter Group
NU4NFixed Single Op Low1984Kentucky Contest Group
W8TKFixed Single Op Low1976Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
VE3PQFixed Single Op Low1932
KE4KYFixed Single Op Low1824Kentucky Contest Group
K8LLFixed Single Op Low1782Wood County ARC
N8WCPFixed Single Op Low1760Portage County Amateur Radio Service
K4DRFixed Single Op Low1736Tennessee Contest Group
W2LCQFixed Single Op Low1702Frankford Radio Club
N9NMFixed Single Op Low1702Central Texas DX and Contest Club
WO3XFixed Single Op Low1683Cuyahoga Falls ARC
N4JRGFixed Single Op Low1680Kentucky Contest Group
KD2EPMFixed Single Op Low1680
K8GTFixed Single Op Low1664Hazel Park ARC
NN7AFixed Single Op Low1656
KB4CGFixed Single Op Low1656
AJ4LNFixed Single Op Low1650Sterling Park ARC
KM4IAJFixed Single Op Low1600
W7GFFixed Single Op Low1470
KD9NYEFixed Single Op Low1421
W4NZFixed Single Op Low1404Tennessee Contest Group
W1ARYFixed Single Op Low1386
KI8NFixed Single Op Low1350
WD4FMGFixed Single Op Low1312
K4TZFixed Single Op Low1296Kentucky Contest Group
W8BZYFixed Single Op Low1276
WA8VECFixed Single Op Low1260
AC4GFixed Single Op Low1254Tennessee Contest Group
K4BSKFixed Single Op Low1232
KD8DZFixed Single Op Low1216Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
K0HIOFixed Single Op Low1150Portsmouth Radio Club
N6DEFixed Single Op Low1140Northern California Contest Club
K3JSJFixed Single Op Low1118
K3GWKFixed Single Op Low1066South East Contest Club
AB2TBFixed Single Op Low1064
W0YJTFixed Single Op Low1056Kansas City DX Club
VE3HZFixed Single Op Low1026Contest Club Ontario
N1CGPFixed Single Op Low950
KD8VRXFixed Single Op Low950West Chester Amateur Radio Association
N1AMFixed Single Op Low936
WF8BFixed Single Op Low891Clinton County Amateur Radio Association
W4CMGFixed Single Op Low874Tennessee Contest Group
KD9NHZFixed Single Op Low850
WA5LFDFixed Single Op Low828DFW Contest Group
KF9VVFixed Single Op Low792
N1IBQFixed Single Op Low770Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N9CXFixed Single Op Low768CRES Amateur Radio Club
VE5KSFixed Single Op Low700
NR8ZFixed Single Op Low656Southwest Ohio Dx Association
W3TNUFixed Single Op Low646
VA3FNFixed Single Op Low630
N4DPMFixed Single Op Low600
KB8GAEFixed Single Op Low600Great Lakes CWOps Club
NJ8JFixed Single Op Low600South East Contest Club
N8ETFixed Single Op Low570Mad River Radio Club
VE7BCFixed Single Op Low560ORCA DX and Contest Club
KG4SRKFixed Single Op Low532
K2HTFixed Single Op Low504
K5GQFixed Single Op Low504
KC8YKQFixed Single Op Low500Van Wert Amateur Radio Club
VE7JHFixed Single Op Low495ORCA DX and Contest Club
W0COEFixed Single Op Low475
KE2DFixed Single Op Low450Frankford Radio Club
KD2REHFixed Single Op Low432
KB8ZRFixed Single Op Low425
W4SPRFixed Single Op Low416Florida Contest Group
KN4JNFixed Single Op Low416
W7MTLFixed Single Op Low403
KA4FVEFixed Single Op Low399
W8RUFixed Single Op Low374Mad River Radio Club
WA9PNDFixed Single Op Low360Society of Midwest Contesters
N0YHFixed Single Op Low345
VA3PCFixed Single Op Low340Contest Club Ontario
KD2KWFixed Single Op Low336
KB9LGSFixed Single Op Low336
W1ZFGFixed Single Op Low336
K0OPFixed Single Op Low320
KF3GFixed Single Op Low312
W2IOC/1Fixed Single Op Low308
N8EIFixed Single Op Low300Silvercreek Amateur Radio Association
AB5XSFixed Single Op Low300
KA8TOAFixed Single Op Low280Portage County Amateur Radio Service
NR0PFixed Single Op Low276
KK4ADQFixed Single Op Low266Potomac Valley Radio Club
K2QPNFixed Single Op Low253Burlington County Radio Club
VA3GEFixed Single Op Low240
W9QLFixed Single Op Low228Society of Midwest Contesters
N8RWFixed Single Op Low220
KC8JFixed Single Op Low216Mad River Radio Club
W6NKRFixed Single Op Low210
WT8WVFixed Single Op Low209
W5LAFixed Single Op Low198
KC2WUFFixed Single Op Low180
WA8ZNCFixed Single Op Low176Willamette Valley DX Club
K2SQSFixed Single Op Low170Burlington County Radio Club
N8WLFixed Single Op Low168Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
KK1LFixed Single Op Low165
N7WYFixed Single Op Low162Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
N4DLRFixed Single Op Low162
NY9PFixed Single Op Low160
N8MRSFixed Single Op Low154Ohkyin Amateur Radio Society
KY4WVFFixed Single Op Low154
W4VGFixed Single Op Low154
K8NWFixed Single Op Low154Ohkyin Amateur Radio Society
KC2PDOFixed Single Op Low143
AD8FLFixed Single Op Low143Seneca Radio Club
VA7RNFixed Single Op Low128ORCA DX and Contest Club
N1CEOFixed Single Op Low128
K5MAYFixed Single Op Low120
W0JMWFixed Single Op Low110
N1ADXFixed Single Op Low108
K2IRKFixed Single Op Low100
N6GPFixed Single Op Low98Southern California Contest Club
AD4TTFixed Single Op Low96
WA1SAYFixed Single Op Low90
AB1XQFixed Single Op Low90
K9WPVFixed Single Op Low88
NX4NFixed Single Op Low84Florida Contest Group
KB7AKFixed Single Op Low84
KB7PKCFixed Single Op Low81
N4QIFixed Single Op Low72
KK4CSFixed Single Op Low72
NC6QFixed Single Op Low72
KF5OMHFixed Single Op Low64
W8DGNFixed Single Op Low64Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club
W2VDZFixed Single Op Low63
K5IXFixed Single Op Low60Central Texas DX and Contest Club
W5QLFFixed Single Op Low60South Texas DX and Contest Club
KV8ZFixed Single Op Low56
KB5GIFixed Single Op Low56
KX1WFixed Single Op Low54Yankee Clipper Contest Club
W6GMTFixed Single Op Low50Minnesota Wireless Assn
K3ZGAFixed Single Op Low50
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low50Northern California Contest Club
KK7ACFixed Single Op Low49Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
AB1FFixed Single Op Low49
NW5QFixed Single Op Low49DFW Contest Group
KD2PWBFixed Single Op Low42
WE5TRFixed Single Op Low42
N2MTGFixed Single Op Low42Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
KA3EFixed Single Op Low40
WQ6XFixed Single Op Low36
AA5AHFixed Single Op Low36
KB4DEFixed Single Op Low32
VA3DKLFixed Single Op Low32Contest Club Ontario
K0RJKFixed Single Op Low32
KW4GFFixed Single Op Low32
ND0TSFixed Single Op Low30
W5JCCFixed Single Op Low25
N5DTTFixed Single Op Low25Texas DX Society
K4RVAFixed Single Op Low25
WM5LAFixed Single Op Low25
K6BBQFixed Single Op Low24
AC3DFixed Single Op Low20
VA3ECFixed Single Op Low18Contest Club Ontario
AA6XOFixed Single Op Low18
W2CLAFixed Single Op Low18
N8BZNFixed Single Op Low16
K7STUFixed Single Op Low16
WN8YFixed Single Op Low16Tennessee Contest Group
AK4EMFixed Single Op Low16
W7VCFixed Single Op Low15
K9ELFFixed Single Op Low9Society of Midwest Contesters
N3GTFixed Single Op Low9Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest
KA3KSPFixed Single Op Low9
W6JLVFixed Single Op Low9
KD9GYFixed Single Op Low9Society of Midwest Contesters
KU5YFixed Single Op Low9
AG7CCFixed Single Op Low8
KD9OINFixed Single Op Low8Society of Midwest Contesters
N7VSFixed Single Op Low8Willamette Valley DX Club
N8ZKTFixed Single Op Low6
K6KSFixed Single Op Low4Northern California Contest Club
KD5FBAFixed Single Op Low4Texas DX Society
K4WWPFixed Single Op Low4Potomac Valley Radio Club
KK7AFixed Single Op Low2
KI7OALFixed Single Op Low2
VE9RLWFixed Single Op Low1
VE5WDFixed Single Op Low1
W7LTEFixed Single Op Low1
K5EISFixed Single Op Low1North Texas Contest Club
WW3MMFixed Single Op Low1
K7JKMFixed Single Op Low1
K6OWSFixed Single Op Low1
W7BLRFixed Single Op Low1
VE3SDFFixed Single Op Low0
K8ZTFixed Single Op QRP12921North Coast Contesters
K4YJFixed Single Op QRP7488Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K3TWFixed Single Op QRP7406Florida Contest Group
N4IJFixed Single Op QRP6700Carolina DX Association
WJ9BFixed Single Op QRP6570Potomac Valley Radio Club
W7LGFixed Single Op QRP4400
N8OTFixed Single Op QRP2706John D. Kraus Memorial Amateur Radio Clu
KR4AEFixed Single Op QRP1768
VE3DQNFixed Single Op QRP1056Contest Club Ontario
K2YGFixed Single Op QRP432
VA3AMXFixed Single Op QRP220Contest Club Ontario
NC4HFixed Single Op QRP162
W9GPBFixed Single Op QRP90
VA3PCJFixed Single Op QRP15Contest Club Ontario
KC0RAMFixed Single Op QRP4
KC9BKSFixed Single Op QRP4Fox River Radio League
N4DLAFixed Single Op QRP0
K8TMultip Op556332
NW8SMultip Op380064
K8LMultip Op100800Delaware Amateur Radio Association
K8PIMultip Op77418East Coast Canada Contest Club
K8BFMultip Op50578Portage County Amateur Radio Service
WC8VOAMultip Op46900
KE8RVMultip Op26978Madison County Amateur Radio Club
W8VTDMultip Op14381Warren Amateur Radio Association
WB8TCBMultip Op5100Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
KA9VVQMultip Op3198Badger Contesters
W8AJTMultip Op2622Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
W8CWOMultip Op2244
N1SOHMultip Op1334Yankee Clipper Contest Club
K8OMobile166540North Coast Contesters
K8MRMobile154026North Coast Contesters
K8RYURover157644Marietta Amateur Radio Club
WW8OHRover13464Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
October 17, 2021, 10:22 UTCNumber of logs received: 432

Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores. For instance dupes are not removed and only official mult abbreviations count. If there is a discrepancy between the raw score and your logger, please consider this info. If the raw score is higher it is likely due to dupes. If the raw score is lower check the list of mults..

The raw score is done for two primary reasons: to allow sanity checking logging software score vs unoffical submitted score and to give entrants immediate feedback as to how they did compared to others rather than having to wait for the official log checking.