2015 Certificates

If you operated OhQP in 2015 you can get your certificate here by entering the callsign used during OhQP and pressing the button below.

After pressing the submit button you are taken to another page. If the callsign you entered had an entry in the 2015 OhQP, a certificate appears onscreen. The certificate may be printed or saved on your computer using your browser. The certificate is an 8 x 10 certificate.

If the callsign you entered is not found then you see a page stating that and allowing you to backup and try again.

Note there is nothing to download from our site. The certificates are genereated on-the-fly and are not files saved on our server that you must download. You can save the certificate in whatever format your computer and browser allow. The file can then be used as a background on your computer or printed or whatever you choose to do.

If you save or print the certificate and only get the text of the certificate… make sure that your print setup includes the background. Some browsers have an option to not print the background. Since the certificate itself is actually a background image, you must configure your browser to include the background. This is normally in a print setup dialog box.

Thanks for your participation in the OhQP and we hope you enjoy your certificate.